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    Vol: 28 Issue: 01, 2024


  • Dr Pranjali Jain, Dr Piyusha Chandrayan, Dr. Ritu Gandhi

Keywords: HPV vaccine, cervical cancer, vaccine awareness.

Background: As preventing cancer with the help of a vaccine is a comparatively new concept, awareness and education about it will have important implication in the implementation of this strategy. Materials and Methods: Present explorative questionnaire-based survey included 155 students for final analysis. Results: Total 650 students participated in the study. after signing the informed consent. Out of these, 370 were females and 280 were males. We came to know that: 90.1% knew what Human papilloma virus caused and what it’s vaccine could prevent. 75.7% were already aware before our presentation that there existed such a vaccine in India. 43.1% of the students had already read about this vaccine before our study. 20.9% knew about this vaccine from existing education campaigns 15.7 % were made aware by their friends and relatives. Yet, only 12.2 % of the participants had taken the vaccine. 87.8 % had not been vaccinated, of whom 78.3 % of the people who underwent counselling became willing to take the vaccine, in which 60.8 % are willing to get vaccinated irrespective of the cost, but 17.5 % still felt that the cost of the vaccine was a major constraint of getting vaccinated. 21.7 % participants were unwilling to get vaccinated. Medical teaching had a definitive impact on the understanding of this important public health issue. Females seemed to be more ready to accept the vaccine and recommend it to others. For our study population the most common source of information was medical school teaching. Majority of participants agreed that the most important obstacle in implementation of HPV vaccination program in our country is inadequate information and 86.2% wanted to be educated by experts in this regard. CONCLUSION: HPV vaccine for primary prevention of cervical cancer is a relatively new concept. Health professional will be able to play a pivotal role in popularizing this strategy.